The Kagan Law Group, P.C. is a business transactional law practice with offices in New York and has partnered with attorneys who are members of the bar in New York and France, and speak English, French, Italian and Spanish.  We provide pre-deal exploration and negotiation support starting with due diligence and data room preparation, term sheet and letter of intent drafting, asset or stock purchase agreement drafting, tax-based deal structure advice to effectively close your transaction, as well as post-transaction or merger advice, including employment law advice, contracts, profit-sharing, sweat equity, and employment disputes.  In addition, we provide ongoing corporate counsel functions for companies with an emphasis on business expansion, providing a range of legal and business advice to business owners, investors, market leaders and well-funded expanding and emerging businesses, who are proactively engaged in asset and stock acquisitions or sales to strengthen their vertical business plans or expand into new markets, asset and stock sales or joint mergers with complementary businesses in similar or competing markets.  As necessary, we handle all types of litigation for our clients, whether based on business contracts or deals, employment or tax disputes.

Our domestic and international clients range from early stage revenue generating businesses to established mid-market businesses, focusing on expanding their footprint in the U.S. and abroad.  There is a wide range of contract negotiation and due diligence required, whether exploring industrial equipment licensing, software and hardware technology assets, traditional and digital publishing, international licensing of designs, manufacturing products and pursuing trademarks and copyright protection, textile design and production or commercial and residential real estate investing.  We represent family offices and investors seeking investment strategies to add to or sell assets in their portfolios.

Commercial finance transactions and financing rounds are handled by the practice for clients leveraging existing assets or seeking new funding for business ventures and investments.

We handle all types of business transactional contract negotiations, joint venture agreements, a wide variety of business asset acquisitions and sales including commercial real estate, employment law issues, business and intellectual property assets in addition to licensing, commercial real estate investment opportunities, and forming corporations for foreign investors with the necessary shareholder or partnership agreements.

We have an increasing focus on pre-deal due diligence from the buyer or seller's perspective, as well as business restructuring due diligence.